5 Things An Employer Should Change With Time

  1. Prospect employees are not beggars: Employers looking out for prospect employees or candidates shouldn’t treat them like dirt. Candidates are here to come and meet you not only because they need you but because you too need them equally. Treat them as professionals who are extracting their personal time and energy alongwith money to come and meet up with you for an interview. Many a times, they keep their current job at stake to remove time to come for an interview. Avoid making them wait long hours before meeting, stick to schedules and timelines and avoid making them go through series of interviews if you are not sure about hiring them. As far as possible, less important rounds can be done through telephonic or video conferencing conversations than asking them to be present personally.

5 things an employer should change with time

  1. Every human has 2 lives…professional and personal: An employer whether in the hiring phase or having an existing base of employees must never estimate that the employees are their sole property and are expected to work unconditionally. We are all humans here and do have a personal life as well. Going on holidays or breaks, family and friends’ life, personal emergencies and many such unpredicted events are a part of life and cannot be planned. An employer should understand these aspects than demanding unreasonably from the employees.
  2. Expecting a cow to lay eggs…that’s not her job: Every person who works has a role defined based on his experience, expertise and qualifications. What employers keep referring to always as multi-tasking can be for the jobs under the employee’s roles and responsibilities, not for someone else’s job. In order to save expenditure for employing another person for a job, the employer shouldn’t expect somebody else to do the job. A Finance person cannot do an HR’s job. This would only lead to non-proficiency in the assigned task besides causing the employee stress and trauma to prove himself.
  3. Qualifications alone cannot be a criterion for a job: There are many companies which have criteria like MBA from a Premium B school only or other such post graduate qualifications. How does that qualification completely make you stand apart, so as to not even consider a candidate for an interview based on his rich work experience? Theoretical knowledge does not necessarily make you fit or unfit for a job. There may be many reasons a person may have not been able to get that qualification, which can be personal or financial. Employee should consider a candidate’s experience and exposure in the profile he is being considered for and should at least give an opportunity even if qualifications do not match.
  4. Support functions too are criticalvalue and appreciate them: For any organisation to be successful in its business, it’s not just the sales team which is important. Other support functions too should be given value, though they may directly not contribute to sales. HR helps in getting the sales force one needs, or helps in maintaining discipline and motivation to keep the employees satisfied. Marketing may not directly get you revenue, but it’s because of them that your company gets recognised amongst its target group, builds your brand and it becomes convenient for the sales team to sell your product or service. All functions of an organisation go hand in hand and thus need equal value or weightage.

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