5 Lessons They Don’t Teach in School

Every spring our recruiters hit college campuses across the country looking for the most talented individuals to join the Fannie Mae summer intern program. I had the pleasure of meeting this year’s class of interns. Challenging them to think of internships as extended job interviews, I shared with them some of the important lessons I’ve […] Continue reading →

4 Basics of Social Media You Must Know

Basics of Social Media Today is the day when you have to join the social media revolution. You cannot avoid it anymore. You know it’s time to go social and interact. It’s for the health of your business. So you would ask; where do I start? First of all Social Media is not Advertising so you need a completely […] Continue reading →

4 Ways to Start a Business With No Money

What’s your answer when people ask you, Why don’t you start a business?? The most common answer I have heard is that I do not have sufficient money or capital. I started with zero capital so I know that business can be built without any investment or very little investment. You just need to have […] Continue reading →